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"ASSVE" Ltd was founded in February 2002. The main direction of "ASSVE" is private house building after individual project for each particular Client on his piece of land, not looking at its location.

Although "ASSVE" is a new company, its leading workers have a big experience in private house building (more than 23 houses, beginning from 160 m2 till 445m2) and more than seven year length of service) in this sphere.

As the main we consider offering a broad scope of services to our Clients, so that our Client would have a nice, comfortable, modern and economic private house. In order to provide that, the first service that we offer is the choice of house project, we help to work out and conform everything to state and local government authorities.

The next stage - the calculation of the building's s estimated cost, during this process we together with the Client choose the building's outer and inner lining, design and interior materials. The main stage in our cooperation with the client is a complex construction realization that includes:

1) geodetic survey (if necessary),
2) outer communications:

  • water supply
  • gas
  • electricity
  • drain
  • access roads us
3) Foundation, covering, external walls, roof constructions, windows and doors, garage facilities, inner and outer lining from different materials;
4) All inner communication:
  • power supply
  • telephone, TV, computer net
  • water and drain
  • heating systems, starting from liquid fuel till the usage of ground energy
5) Territory improvement works

When the house is built, we help the Client to put the house into operation because this is a process that needs time and knowledge. After the construction works our company gives two-year guaranty, providing with a letter of guaranty and guaranty description with conditions.

The main benefit for the Customer is that he works with one contractor; he will have a full range of building service, unitary responsibility for the quality and safety during the time of guaranty. We are professionals and we will be happy to help you.
Maza Bolderajas street 2b, Riga, Phone./f. (+371) 67815170; mob.(+371) 29234063
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